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"Bounce-back Plan," aka Resilience

Successful students know that they can’t be 100% all the time, but what matters is how they get back up after they fall. Knowing how you’ll do that before it happens is key. That’s resilience planning. I’ve seen too many students who sink their semester by allowing a few small fails turn into a slippery slope of problems. How to prepare for those moments? Here are my three best tips:

1. Have a solid routine. This puts you back in the saddle (office chair?) as a matter of schedule, not choice.

2. Know how to pump yourself up. Have a playlist of your favorite tunes! Know which friends have a great attitude and will build you up if you call. Go for a run if that lifts your spirits.

3. Cling to growth mindedness (always look for learning in little mistakes to build muscle for handling the bigger ones). Imagine how your recent “fail” might actually help you in the future.

Failing to meet goals isn't fun, but is expected and normal! Knowing how to bounce back makes all the difference.

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