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Group Coaching Program

Supporting students in their online learning

During the COVID-19 pandemic, students need

new kinds of support in their academic lives. 

Dear families:

I’ve shared my best suggestions for doing well in online classes, based on education research and my experience with students in online classes, available here. But I know a tidy list of seven steps isn’t enough for any of us to do well in brand-new terrain. This is true for me, as well, as I am redesigning my colleges courses for online delivery--courses never meant for that. I’m not completely sure how it will work out, but I’m looking to others who can give me personal advice in the process. Students need this support too.


So I am offering a new Group Coaching Program to help students navigate their new academic environments, habits, and schedules. We will address topics like motivation, time management, minimizing distractions, speaking up in the new online class and more. The emphasis is on how to do well in remote learning situations, but we'll cover more general topics about how to handle uncertain times as these.


Each session will include my brief explanation of relevant topic, followed by facilitated group discussion and Q&A, and then each student creating a personalized work plans for the week.

Together we will make the most of this pandemic's unique Opportunity for Learning:

  • how to be a better student--in habits and mindsets

  • how to be resilient--in difficult situations

  • how to navigate the new online world of school

  • how peers all over the country are sharing this reality with you

  • how to stay on track with your goals, no matter the crisis around you

When: Sundays at 7pm CDT via Zoom beginning March 22. Each 30-minute session will be recorded in case you cannot attend the live conversation. 

This program is FREE to any high-school or college student. Just RSVP by signing up here or emailing me at, so I can send you the Zoom links and worksheets.



None of us know what future holds except that there will be new ground to traverse. Learning from and with others may be our best hope for success in difficult times. 


wishing health to all of you,


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